The state of the art scheduler that notifies your customers with SMS.

We do one thing and we do it right: Text Message Appointment Reminders

Scheduly does not include any extra fluff. We aim to focus on one thing and one thing only, SMS reminders. Do you want to significantly lower the number of cancellations your business gets or avoid having to notify all your upcoming appointments one by one? Well, that is precisely what Scheduly does, appointment reminders, just add the date in our calendar. Scheduly will send out a reminder text message the day before. You can see in realtime within the app when the user has confirmed or canceled.

Click Try Now Click Try Now to try our 15-day trial. You will be able to add appointments, and those customers will be notified the day before their meeting via text message.

How it works

Select Appointment
To select any appointment or meeting double click on the date in the calendar. If on a mobile device press down on the date.

Enter Information
Enter the appointment information, time, and phone number.

Edit Information
If you wish to change any details you can double click again to edit, or press delete on keyboard to delete appointment and if on mobile select the appointment and swipe to delete.

Thats it!
Sit back and let us do the rest. The day before the appointment Scheduly will send your customer a text message reminding them they have an appointment the next day. They can confirm or cancel, both which will show on your calendar.

What our customers are saying

" Every day one of my customers tells me how much they appreciate receiving a reminder via text message versus when I was calling them. I couldn't be happier myself, now I can focus on more important things like running my business!"


Michael Stevens

Owner, Exhale Spa

"Scheduly has been the most bang for my buck when it comes to purchases for my business. I am a small business owner, and I was writing down appointments on paper and texting with all my clients back and forth. After using Scheduly I eliminated this menial a task from my day to day, saving me an enormous amount of time, and my customers love it."


Lisa Hernandez

Owner, Lisa's Health and Beauty

"I am a lawyer who recently opened their practice, and this has been one of the best purchases. After we started using Scheduly, it has freed up our secretary's time to do more important tasks around the office. And since most of our clients are relatively young, they love the text message reminder they get rather than a phone call."


Christian Thomas

Founder, Thomas Law Firm, P.A.

Plans and Pricing
Free Version
No Charge
  • Use the Calendar free of charge
  • No Ads
Monthly Pay As You Go
  • Use the Calendar free of charge
  • No Ads
  • Service will keep track of appointments and notify by text the day before.
  • Unlimited text notifications
Yearly Subscription
  • Use the Calendar free of charge
  • No Ads
  • Service will keep track of appointments and notify by text the day before.
  • Unlimited text notifications